LDN – BTN is a collection of 144 train ticket sized artefacts exploring the past, present and future of the London to Brighton railway line and its surrounding areas.This project was my final outcome on the MA Graphic Media Design 2020/21 course.

Across twelve individual walks spanning the length of the route, twelve different themes are investigated and documented. The tickets are presented physically and digitally, allowing viewers to explore their own routes through the project. You can see the project in full at ldn2btn.uk.

During the pandemic, we experienced a radical shift in our perceptions and experiences of public space and public transit, and how they are shared and used. As we enter a new post-pandemic era, what have we learnt about our expectations of public space, and our ability to travel collectively? LDN – BTN takes the specific focus of the London to Brighton railway route as a space to explore these questions from a wide range of perspectives.